Medication Adherence: Patient Populations That Need Assistance

organize-medicationMost people who receive prescriptions don’t need special assistance taking the medicine as prescribed, but there are also individuals who need extra help to achieve medication adherence. These persons often fall into groups that are described as “patient populations” based on their special needs. Below, we take a look at four patient populations that commonly need assistance with medication adherence, and what dedicated pharmacists can do to help them achieve it.

  1. Patients With Complex Dosing Schedules

Complex dosing can be made simple with blister packs. Many types of medications are taken once daily, but there are also medicines that are used several times a day. This is often difficult to keep to such a schedule and wonder if you missed a dose. Blister packs are perfect for noticing at a glance if you missed a scheduled dose. Pharmacist can help by providing blister packs that will organize the medicine and contain dosing information.

  1. Patients That Experience Motor Impairment

Some patients that experience motor impairment have a hard time removing the safety cap on conventional prescription bottles. The problem is especially common among seniors that experience progressive arthritis in the hands. A pharmacist can help this population achieve medication adherence by dispensing medication in blister packs that have a thin, foil backing that is easy to break. Because the medication is easy to remove, it becomes easier to take.

  1. Patients That Deal With Memory Problems

In some cases, medication non-adherence is caused by memory problems. The customer literally forgets to take the medication and thus jeopardizes his health. This issue is especially common among people who experience memory deficits due to dementia or Alzheimer’s, but who can manage most of their affairs due to the early stage of the disease. Medication packaging that outline the specific time of day to be taken is an ideal solution for this population.

How We Help Pharmacists Help Customers

For over 100 years, Drug Package has helped pharmacists serve various patient populations, including ones that experience barriers to medication adherence. We can assist your pharmacy in helping these populations remain adherent to the prescriber’s directions by providing blister packs that provide easy visible reminders for dosing times, and blister packs with easy punch dosage.

Medication non-adherence does more than jeopardize the health of your customers. We’ll provide you with innovative medication packaging that can help organize your patient’s medication. For more information about our packaging, browse through the product pages in our online store, or call us at (800) 325-6137. We look forward to helping you help your customers remain adherent!