Medication Adherence Tools That Increase Medication Compliance

Medication nonadherence, which occurs when a person fails to take a medication as directed, is responsible for billions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs annually. When patients fail to adhere to their prescriber’s instructions, they often experience additional health problems that result from taking medication in the wrong way, or failing to take a medication from the outset.

It is estimated that roughly $300 billion in annual healthcare costs are attributable to poor health outcomes due to medication nonadherence. In addition to upping cost of health insurance premiums, nonadherence can lead to longer wait times to see physicians and receive treatments — two problems that the following medication adherence tools, among others, seek to address.

Point-of-Care, Price Compare
InteliScript’s Pharmacy Exchange Network features its “Point-of-Care, Price Compare” program that addresses a major cause of medication nonadherence: prescription cost. One of the most efficient to use medication adherence tools, the program lets pharmacists identify the five lowest prices in the surrounding area for the medication that a customer needs. The best results are displayed on the computer interface the pharmacist uses to perform prescription searches.

Blister Packaging
Blister packaging can be designed to make medication easier to take as prescribed. It can play a significant role in improving patient health outcomes, and thus helps to mitigate the hundreds of billions of dollars that are spent annually as a result of medication nonadherence. These economically designed blister cards are manufactured to be easy to fill with simple instructions. A patients can organize medications so that the proper dosage will be taken at the proper time. There is also room to make notes of any side effects or conditions that occurred before or after the dosage making record keeping simple.

Need Medication Adherence Tools?
If so, the tools above may help you increase the medication adherence of your patients or pharmacy customers. If you need help finding blister packaging the medication adherence specialists at Drug Package can help you make the best choice.

We have over a century of experience in working with physicians and pharmacists to ensure that patients and customers remain adherent to their needed medications. For more information about medication adherence tools, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or request a quote today. We look forward to helping you serve your valued patients and customers!

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