medication in blister card

Medication Adherence Tools Help Keep Patients Safe

Medication adherence or the proper use of meds is often viewed as a personal choice. For some it could mean, not taking the dose at the defined time or with food and for others it might be taking too much at a time. Failure to adhere to the doctor’s or pharmacies orders can result in bigger problems. Those with a chronic condition could make it worse or develop other conditions. In the medical industry, non-adherence increases costs and for some patients has resulted in death.

A patient with a chronic health problem like cardiovascular disease must take the prescribed medicines at the defined time intervals and doses. If they miss a dose or do not take it at the required times throughout the day, their blood pressure will not be regulated properly thus making the condition worse. Patients often do not conform to the instructions on a prescription due to the following reasons:

  • Forgetting to take a dose.
  • Not sure it is working.
  • Not convinced of its effectiveness.
  • Do not want to experience side effects.
  • Find it difficult to take the medicine.
  • Unable to afford their medications.

For some, multiple barriers such as these are present and prevent them from being able to effectively take their medications over an extended period of time. Whatever the reason, an inability to do so or making these decisions without all the facts could result in harsh consequences.

What Tools Are at the Disposal of Pharmacies?

Medication adherence tools offer additional support when it comes to ensuring individuals are taking medicines as prescribed without missing doses. A wide range of solutions have been developed to assist in this area of the pharmaceutical industry. One of the most common medication adherence tools has been blister packs. This type of packaging is seen just about everywhere these days including toys, electronics, pencils, and medications.

Medication blister packs consist of a backing and plastic housing where the pills are separated by compartments. For shelf products, they have a certain pill count such as 32 or 72 and are sealed to prevent tampering. Pharmacists now use these items to package customer prescriptions as well. A blister pack may consist of enough medication for a single day, week, or month. Other medication adherence tools created by companies include:

  • Personalized Medication Packs
  • Pill Organizers
  • Automated Solutions
  • Dosing Alarms or Sensors

Pharmacists can also aid in this process by keeping drug regimens as simple as possible, taking measures to ensure 90-day supplies of medications, and offering lower cost substitutions. Customers must be educated about the importance of taking their medications how to properly take them. Blister packs provide an easy way to keep track of doses for customers and patients.

Custom blister designs also allow additional information to be placed on the package to promote adherence.  Blister cards help individuals take the required dose at the set intervals. They may be sealed by hand or machine and offer a variety of options regarding pill counts. If you are seeking ways to increase adherence, Drug Package offers several beneficial choices. Give us a call today to learn more about the products we offer!