Using a Medication Blister Pack: Four Rarely Mentioned Advantages

Blister packaging is used to contain everything from batteries to toys, but one of its most discussed applications continues to be its use for packaging prescription medications. Because blister packaging can be designed to make medication easier to take as prescribed, it plays a significant role in improving patient health outcomes, and thus helps to mitigate the hundreds of billions of dollars that are spent annually as a result of medication nonadherence.

These benefits of blister packaging are relatively well-known throughout the healthcare industry. However, a medication blister pack can also deliver additional advantages that are not as often discussed. In addition to helping improve medication adherence and drive down unnecessary medical costs, blister packaging offers the following advantages that should be of interest to physicians and pharmacists that place a heavy emphasis on patient care and customer service.

Helps Preserve the Integrity of Pills
A transparent prescription bottle that contains pills often has what appears to be a layer of dust on the inside — a substance that is actually comprised of small particles from the pills. This happens because the pills rub together when the bottle is moved. A medication blister pack can prevent this from happening by sequestering each pill inside its own blister in the blister pack.

Easy to Transport Small Amounts of Pills
Many people buy small pill boxes to transport individual pills or a small number of pills instead of transporting their entire supply of medication. By featuring a perforated card that allows individual doses of medication to be pulled away and transported, a medication blister pack makes it easy to carry small amounts of pills and eliminates the need to buy pill boxes for pill transportation.

Easy to Store Pills in Discreet Locations
If you have a large bottle of pills, you may be able to store it in your medicine cabinet, but what if you need to store the medication in a discreet location to prevent children or other people from accessing it? Using a slim medication blister pack that is designed as a single-fold medication booklet gives people the flexibility they need to store the medicine in various discreet locations.

Helps Decrease Medicine Dispensing Time
If you walk into a pharmacy with a script for a new medication, you can count on waiting anywhere between 30 minutes and three hours for the prescription to be filled. Receiving pills in blister packaging helps decrease medication dispensing time by eliminating the need for pharmacists to spend several minutes counting and recounting the number of pills dispensed.

Interested in the Benefits of Blister Packs?
If you are a physician or a pharmacy that is searching for a way to dispense pills in a manner that offers the most benefits to parties on both sides of the dispensing process, investing in economical blister packaging may be the answer. Listed above are just some of the benefits that come with the use of a medication blister pack. To learn about additional benefits, call us at (800) 325-6137, or request a quote online today. We look forward to serving you!

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