Where to Find Medication Carts for Pharmacy and Medical Practices

Rolling medication carts are a game changer for hospitals or long term care facilities where medication has to be delivered to patients. Rolling carts allow for easy mobilization and organization to make delivering medication as efficient as possible. When shopping for medication carts there are a few key factors that you should consider. Ideally medication carts should be easy for the nurses or staff to access, while keeping the medication safely locked away from patients, children, or other unauthorized use. Good medication carts will also be easy to operate and have large capacity drawers to store all needed medications. If you are in need of medication carts for your practice that can provide all of these benefits and more, Drug Package offered a durable line of sleek, easy to use, medication carts, that will meet your specific needs. One of the specific lines is the Avalo™ Medication Cart Series. Below we outline the features of the series. If you’d like to view the catalog click here.


About Our Avalo™ Medication Carts

  • Avolo™ Locking systems – Avolo™ medication carts offer 3 different styles of locking mechanisms. Auto Locking carts are accessed with a unique code and automatically lock after a set duration of time with use. Keyless access allows the cart to be unlocked with a four digit code and manually relocked as needed. Key access carts use a standard lock and key method to access and secure the medication cart.
  • Design – There are 3 different sized carts that have large drawer configurations that can hold 350 – 750 punch cards with extra space for liquid medications and other supplies. Our medication carts sport a sleek design and are available in five different colors.
  • Accessories – All of our medication carts are equipped with accessories such as, waste bins, drawer dividers, narcotics storage, laptop trays, and more for your convenience.

Shopping for Medication Carts?

If you are interested in learning more about all our medication cart options contact us today. Drug Package has been a trusted provider of pharmaceutical supplies for over 139 years, and has the knowledge and experience to help you find the best tools for your needs.

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