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Medication Packaging: Medication Pill Cards Vs. Pill Bottles

Most people who take prescribed medications receive them in the form of loose pills placed inside an amber colored prescription bottle. This type of packaging is cheap and easy to use for pharmacists and their customers, but there is population of medical patients who need more guidance on how and when to take medications than the average pharmacy customer. For this population, Medication Pill Cards are a better form of medication packaging than common pill bottles.

Dosage Times Indicated
When patients must take multiple medications on different schedules, remembering to take the medicines at the right times can be challenging, especially for patient populations that suffer from memory problems. Intelligently designed medication packaging can eliminate the quandary of when to take each medication, and thus help patients receive the maximum therapeutic benefit.

Dosage Amounts Indicated
Taking several pills a day to achieve the right dosage for a single medication is challenging enough. Now imagine having to take several pills of multiple medications several times a day to comply with dosage instructions. Medication Pill Cards can eliminate the need to remember such minutia by indicating in writing what dosage amount should be taken, and when it should be taken.

Audible Dosage Reminders
When they are designed in the form of booklets, blister packs can contain technology that audibly indicates when medication should be taken. The reminders can be programmed to occur when it is time to take medication, or only when the patient is past due to take medication. For people who take multiple medications a day, audible dosage reminders can be a big help.

Explanation of Medication
Some medications, such as statins and antipsychotics, must be taken over a long period of time to control the health problem in question. Although patients are aware of this fact when they start to take such medications, they often quit taking the prescriptions when the therapeutic effect of the medicine seems to have plateaued and achieved the intended health benefit once and for all.

For these patients, having a simple, easy to see explanation of why the medication must be taken printed and included next to the pill card can help increase medication compliance. A patient’s physician or pharmacist can instruct him or her to read the explanation of the medication whenever he or she feels like discontinuing it due to therapeutic benefits.

How Drug Package Helps
At Drug Package, we have over a century of experience helping physicians and pharmacists increase medication adherence through the creation of innovative medication packaging, such as our diverse line of customizable Medication Pill Card solutions. Pill Cards are a simple medication packaging option that can have a significant, positive impact on medication compliance when they are designed to offer the right features, such as the four listed above, among others.

For help choosing the best Pill Card options for your patients or customers, call us at (800) 325-6137, or request a quote today! We look forward to helping you introduce medication packaging that reduces healthcare costs and improves health outcomes.




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