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Padded Envelope Manufacturers and Prescription Shipping

If your pharmaceutical business is getting into the practice of packing and shipping prescription orders, you should consider working with padded envelope manufacturers that can supply you with affordable, bulk orders of padded envelopes. Padded envelopes are ideal for mailing products that could be damaged in the shipping process. It is especially important that prescriptions and other medical necessities arrive to your customers intact as most patients depend on these medications to sustain their lifestyle, and medication schedules are time sensitive, leaving little time for replacement, should medication arrive damaged or unusable. Packing your prescriptions in padded envelopes will provide the extra protection that is necessary to make sure your products arrive safely to your customers. 

Why Should You Ship Prescriptions?

  • Convenience – Many individuals who regularly need to refill prescriptions are elderly or need assistance traveling to pick up the medications they rely on to maintain their health. Offering shipping options helps these patients gain easier access to their medication.
  • Discretion – Allowing customers to receive their prescriptions from the comfort of their home provides an extra layer of discretion that makes your patients to feel comfortable.
  • Competition – Large vendors like Amazon are beginning to enter the pharmaceutical field and offer shipping options to their customers. Simply put, shipping is the way of the future, and offering medication shipping is a great way to keep up with the times and maintain your long term customers.

Looking for Padded Envelope Manufacturers?

If you are interested in shipping prescriptions and are looking for padded envelope manufacturers Drug Package can help. Drug package is a long time provider of pharmaceutical supplies with over 100 years of experience. Drug Package is a knowledgeable one stop shop for all of your pharmaceutical supplies, including padded mailers, who will help you find the right products for your needs at an affordable rate. Contact Drug Package today to learn more.




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