Personalized Blister Cards: A Few Uses Beyond the Pharmacy

As a seasoned supplier of blister packaging solutions, we often talk about blister packs from a pharmaceutical standpoint; specifically, how pharmacies can use our blister packs to promote medication adherence, expedite prescription dispensing, help reduce material costs, and realize other important benefits on both sides of the pharmacy counter.

However, dispensing medication to people at a pharmacy prescription pickup window isn’t the only thing you can do with our personalized blister cards. Your business or organization can also use these diverse, book-style cards in the following capacities, among several others.

  1. Storing Pet Medication

Medication can be as important to the health of pets as it is to the well-being of their owners. In fact, some animals take the same medications we do (tramadol for pain, for example). When medication is a life raft for a pet’s health, storing the medicine in blister packs has two of the same, corollary benefits as it does for humans: It makes the medicine easier to dose and track, which supports medication compliance that promotes a good health outcome.

  1. Storing Homecare Medication

Homecare medication is often used for hospice care, assisted living, and emergency pharmaceutical treatment (nitroglycerine for angina, for example). Especially in cases where a loved one or a nurse practitioner dispenses the medication, taking the medicine from a blister pack helps ensure that the right medicines and doses are consumed at the right time.

There’s no pill counting involved, and potentially mistaking one medication for another is all but eliminated. All the medication giver needs to do is refer to the correct blister based on the date and the time of day, remove meds from the blister, and administer them.

  1. Storing Diverse, Small Items

Our personalized blister cards are available with large blisters that are perfect for storing single, small items or multiple, small pieces. Some inventive ideas for using the blisters in this capacity are: storing confectionary treats in extra small servings for sugar restricted diets, providing a variety of small product samples, and storing small replacement parts for durable medical equipment. There are literally hundreds of options for storing small items in the blisters.

Getting Your Cards is Easy

Receiving personalized blister cards from Drug Package is simple and hassle-free. To place an order or request a quote, give us a call today at (800) 325-6137, or contact us here. We look forward to supporting your business operations by supplying best in class, customized blister cards that have various uses.

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