Pharmacies and Patient Adherence: How Can They Work Together?

Trying to treat patients who don’t follow doctors’ orders can be a stressful experience for physicians. However, doctor offices aren’t the only parties that play a role in patient adherence. Pharmacies can also play an essential role in helping patients remain compliant with prescribed treatments, and thus have a discernible impact on patient health outcomes. For this to happen, pharmacies must have patient adherence protocols in place, particularly the five listed below.

  1. Providing Custom Medication Packaging Options

Dispensing medicine in custom medication packaging, such as blister packs, can have a positive impact on patient adherence among certain populations. For patients who want to take medicine as prescribed but have difficulty remaining adherent, packaging that helps eliminate barriers to proper dosing can prove extremely helpful.

  1. Maintaining a Clear Line of Contact With Customers

How easy is it for your customers to speak with a live pharmacist by phone on short notice? Do they have to listen to a long introduction by a computer generated voice before they can select the option to speak directly with the pharmacy? If so, consider implementing a hotline that customers can call when they need immediate assistance concerning medication issues.

  1. Facilitating Unique Prescription Refill Needs

Most prescriptions are refilled on a monthly basis, but there are also situations in which customers can benefit from receiving refills on a weekly or biweekly basis. For example, for a patient who has abused scheduled drugs in the past but needs to take a scheduled prescription for a current health problem, receiving small, weekly refills can help encourage adherence.

  1. Communicating Prescription Benefit Programs

One of the biggest barriers to medication adherence is cost. If a patient can’t afford medication, he or she can’t be compliant with the prescriber’s recommendations. Pharmacies can help solve this problem by apprising customers of prescription benefit plans, such as AstraZeneca’s patient and prescription assistance programs, as well as state sponsored programs that offer assistance.

  1. Providing Independent Pharmacy Services

Medication services that are typically associated with independent pharmacies, such as medicine compounding and ordering brand name or prescription medications from various pharmaceutical manufacturers, can also have a discernable impact on adherence. The more that medication dispensing is tailored to customers’ unique needs, the greater the chance of adherence.

Need Custom Medication Packaging Options?
If your pharmacy is committed to improving patient adherence, using custom medication packaging options such as blister packs can be essential for achieving the goal. At Drug Package, we provide readymade and custom blister packaging solutions that are designed to help pharmacy customers remain compliant with their prescriber’s recommendations.

Our products are especially helpful for patient populations that exhibit a low level of medication compliance due to complex dosing schedules, motor impairment, memory problems, and the desire to receive more information about a prescription than your average customers. For assistance with selecting the best medication packaging options for increasing patient adherence among your customers, call us today at (800) 325-6137 for professional advice.