How Can a Pharmacist Impact Medication Compliance?

Patients who comply with physicians’ prescribing directions tend to experience better health outcomes than patients who don’t. However, improving medication compliance is a task that can be addressed by more than just physicians. Pharmacists can also play a pivotal role in increasing compliance when they implement strategies that reduce barriers to taking medication as prescribed. Below are a few examples of strategies pharmacists can use to improve compliance.

  1. Medication Compounding

Some patients must take medications in milligram amounts that are not available from pharmaceutical manufacturers. Instead of using the practice of pill cutting to achieve the right doses, patients are often prescribed compounded medications that contain exactly the right amount of different medicines. Because pill cutting is so inaccurate, even patients who perform it regularly to remain in compliance can end up being non-compliant due to imprecise doses.

  1. Unique Medicine Packaging

Pharmacies dispense most medications in pill bottles, which works fine for patients that don’t have trouble with medication-adherencemedication compliance. However, for patients who experience barriers (missed dosage, difficulty opening bottles, complex dosing regimens, etc.), medicine packaging that can help overcome barriers is helpful. Using a blister pack for medicine administration can help alleviate some of these issues. The pills punch easily through the foil backing paper and at a glance a patient can see a missed dose. Pharmacists can prepack the pills in blister packs, or provide information about multi dose packaging such as the Multi Med Home Care Kits that are available for patients taking multiple medications.

  1. Thorough Consultative Advice

Many pharmacy customers have taken their medications for months or years and do not need advice on how or when to take it. However, customers that are filling their first, long-term prescription often have several questions about the medicine that a pharmacist can answer well. By providing thorough consultative advice to new prescription users, pharmacists can help them feel more confident about taking the new medicine, which help support medication compliance.

Take Advantage of Our Medication Packaging

Unique medication packaging such as the kind that Drug Package offers is one strategy among many for increasing medication compliance. Some examples of populations that this applies to are: the motor impaired, those who experience memory problems, and people who have prescription dosing regimens that are difficult to follow.

Choosing medication packaging options for these populations and others should be done with advice of a pharmacy supplier that specializes in providing such options. This is where Drug Package enters the picture. For over a century, we have helped pharmacies support medication compliance by providing innovative medication packaging, and we can assist your pharmacy, too. To start the process of implementing new prescription packaging, call us at (800) 325-6137.

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