Pharmacy Bags Advertising: 3 Holiday Promotional Opportunities

If you had to put them in a product category based on marketing strategies, promotional carry along pharmacy bags would be considered “take away items” (a.k.a. corporate take away items and leave behind items).

Customers get the bags for free in exchange for having information from a pharmacy’s bag advertising campaign printed on the sides. Wherever the bags are toted, they serve as general advertisement for the pharmacy or specific ad for one of its products or services.

Four Promotional Opportunities

It’s common for retail pharmacies to engage in pharmacy bags advertising year-round, but certain times of the year offer unique marketing opportunities in which the advertising strategy can be used to great effect. Below are four holiday seasons when your pharmacy can get lots of bang for its buck with pharmacy bag advertising.

  1. Halloween

October is a great month to start distributing promotional bags that have Halloween themes. Some people will like the bags for the seasonal colors and graphics alone, but you can promote the bags with a purpose: Trick-or-treaters can use them to gather candy as they go door to door. Tons of people get out of the house on Halloween. If you’d love for them to see an ad from your pharmacy, giving away durable, stylish Halloween-themed bags from Drug Package is a great move.

  1. Easter

Although Easter is at a different time every year, February is a great time of year to distribute pharmacy bags with a thematic purpose: They can be used to gather up eggs on Easter egg hunts — and not just egg hunts for kids. Easter Egg hunts for adults — which can be downright competitive — are becoming increasingly popular. Consider marketing your Easter-themed pharmacy bags for both types of occasions, and take advantage of two marketing opportunities using the same product.

  1. 4th of July

The 4th of July is another holiday that involves a good opportunity for distributing durable carry along pharmacy bags. As people head to picnics, parks, house parties, and firework displays, they often have food, fireworks, and beverages in tow. Large, flat bottomed pharmacy bags made of durable microfiber make great containers for all the celebratory 4th of July essentials. Emblazon your bags for 4th of July imagery to capture the spirit of the season!

Order Today

Pharmacy bag advertising campaigns are an affordable way to promote your pharmacy’s brand and generate business directly from contact information printed on the bag. It’s never a bad time of year for pharmacy bag advertising, but Halloween, Easter, and the 4th of July are three holidays when our ergonomically designed, durable tote bags can generate lots of attention in a short period for your pharmacy.

Place your order for durable pharmacy bags today! For more information before you buy, please call us at (800) 325-6137, or send us an email using our contact form. We look forward to providing bags that help promote your pharmacy’s brand and generate business.



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