Pharmacy Hanging Bags – Reduce Will Call Errors

The robots are taking over, or so we’ve been led to believe. In today’s world just about everything that can be either is or on the road to being automated; however, there are still a few jobs, such as a pharmacist, where human processing is the only way the job gets done. Most pharmacist would say – if only robots could help – because the pace of processing orders can be overwhelming in this hectic pharmacy world. Speed and efficiency are a must for a pharmacist, but accuracy is critical. Accuracy is paramount from reading the prescription properly, to filling it correctly, to dispensing it to the right person. Attention to detail matters in every step of the process because there is no room for error when dispensing medicine. Having a prescription retrieval system that not only improves speed and efficiency, but can also help reduce errors should be a primary consideration for every pharmacy. Below we share the features and benefits of our pharmacy will call bags and hanging system that your pharmacy could easily implement today to speed up the process and help reduce errors.

Pharmacy Will Call Bag System  


  • Alphabetical filing system for easy sorting
  • Clear, see through bags, for name identification
  • Multiply bag sizing, to fit large and small facilities
  • Durable, heavy duty, plastic, to withstand daily use
  • Easy bag opening, to save time
  • Simple hanging system, for easy placement and retrieval


  • Studies show it saves over 25% on retrieval time
  • Organization and placement helps eliminate errors
  • Ability to store multiple prescriptions in one bag often saves customers an extra trip for a forgotten prescription
  • Will call bags provide and encourage organization that appeals to both employees and customers

Order Online

When the pace of your pharmacy demands a more organized, time-saving, retrieval system, consider our pharmacy will call hanging bag system. It is simple and cost effective to implement, and will give your pharmacy that nice organized look to go along with its new efficiency. View our catalogue here and when you are ready, you can place an order conveniently online or request a quote from our customer service team.

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