Blister Pack Pharmacy Packaging Increases Medication Safety for All Ages

Pharmacy packaging comes in many forms and has greatly advanced alongside technology. Several over-the-counter and prescription medicines are now provided in blister packs. These are pre-formed packaging consisting of a plastic pocket and backing. Medicines are placed in the plastic cavity and then sealed with an aluminum foil or plastic backing.

Many companies have switched to blister packs due to lower production costs and the ability to maintain the integrity of each pill as it is shipped or stocked. Blister pharmacy packaging protects the medication from exposure to external elements such as humidity. Additionally, customers are provided trouble-free packs for properly taking their meds.

Why is Blister Packaging Ideal for Pharmacies?

This type of packaging provides single dose medicine packs as well as packs containing multiple doses of different prescriptions in a day, week, or month. As an alternative to troublesome pill bottles and hard to use pill packs, blister packaging offers the following benefits to customers:

  • Simple to Use – Reduced risk of spills because pills are packed individually.
  • Increased Safety – Blister packs make it possible to separate each medication by day and time. This reduces the chance of taking the wrong medicines at the wrong times or taking too many doses.
  • Track Dosage – The customer will not have to worry about whether or not they have taken a medication. They can look at the package to see what pills are still present.
  • Increased Convenience – Medicines can be organized for the customer to ensure they know exactly what they need to take and when.
  • Tamper Protection Properties – The clear cavity easily shows if a pill has been removed or the contents have been altered.

Customers are able to easily track their medicine dosages and take each prescription with minimal error. No more wondering if they took the dose because finding out is as easy as looking at the blister pack! This offers increased safety to the consumer who can easily forget to take a dose, take the wrong medicine, or double up on doses.

Looking for Pharmacy Packaging?

If your company is seeking an affordable, safe medication disbursement choice, blister packaging is one of the most reliable options. Our team at Drug Package will help you choose the best materials and options for creating this type of packaging. With blister packs, you can be certain customers have what they need to take medicines as prescribed or recommended!


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