Pharmacy Supplies

Pharmacy Supplier for New Pharmacy Set Up

Are you opening a new pharmacy and in need of a pharmacy supplier? If so, Drug Package is a one stop shop for all your pharmacy supplies, who can help you get everything you need to get up and running, for an affordable price. Everything you need to start your pharmacy including items like prescription pads, thermal & laser labels, medication cards, custom printed bags, organization systems, mortars & pestles, and so much more are available from Drug Package in wholesale quantities, and ready to ship. Starting up a new medical practice or pharmacy can be challenging, and having a reliable pharmacy supplier that you can trust to provide you with high quality supplies, without breaking the bank is a huge help. If you are looking for particular products or need to learn more about necessary supplies, Drug Package is happy to assist!

Benefits of Working With Drug Package:

  • Knowledge and Experience – Drug Package has been in operation over 130 years, and is North America’s go to pharmacy supplier. Whatever you need for your pharmacy from pharmaceutical tools, to decorative and custom branded bags, you can trust Drug Package has the ability to provide you with the best quality and information for your needs. 
  • Extensive Supply Inventory – Drug Package supplies a large variety of pharmacy supplies including everything from prescription labels, to heat and cold sealed medication cards, and pharmacy tools. In addition to this, Drug Package can offer full customization of paper products, and they have a constantly growing catalog of supplies, recently expanding to include hand sanitizing products.
  • Affordability – Drug Package offers in house printing, templates, and design to help keep costs down, without sacrificing quality. 

Need to Find a Reliable Pharmacy Supplier?

If you are looking for a pharmacy supplier that has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you start a successful practice, contact Drug Package today. Drug Package is a one stop shop for anything and everything you will need to run your business. Our customer service team is ready to help you get started!