Is Your Pharmacy Switching Labels?

Using high quality labels to mark prescription bottles and pill packs is vitally important to every pharmacy. Pharmacy labels not only ensure that your patients and customers receive the right medicine and dosage, but they also provide important instructions for use that keep consumers safe. If your pharmacy is considering switching labels, you want to be sure to find a provider that will supply your practice with high quality labels that are easy to read, durable, and resistant to peeling and fading.

Drug Package LLC is a trusted provider of both thermal and laser printed pharmaceutical labels for prescription bottles, pill packs, blister packs and more. Drug Package offers several premade templates as well as full customization for their durable, high quality labels. Whether you are looking for a standard label, or something unique to your business, Drug Package can help you get the exact label for your specifications.

Who Is Drug Package LLC? 

Drug Package has been a trusted provider of pharmaceutical supplies since 1881. Located in O’Fallon Missouri, they supply pharmacies and medical practices with items like medicine cards, pharmaceutical labels, medicine bags, medication carts, pharmacy tools, and more. Drug Package LLC has become North America’s first choice in pharmaceutical suppliers, and with over 100 years of knowledge and experience under their belt, Drug Package is well equipped to help you with all your pharmacy supply needs.

If your pharmacy is looking to switch labels, consider looking into Drug Package’s line of customizable thermal and laser pharmacy labels. You can trust that when you order pharmaceutical labels from Drug Package LLC, you will receive high quality, easy to read labels that are bonded with strong adhesive to ensure durability. Contact Drug Package today and they will help you find the perfect pharmacy labels for your business.