Is your Pharmacy Switching Software?

Switching software in any business can be a frustrating and difficult process regardless of the industry. In the medical industry, this is an even more tedious task due to the requirements put on businesses regarding consumer data protection and federal regulations. If your pharmacy is making the switch, this process most likely involves transitioning sensitive data or other information to a new system. Processes such as label and form printing must also be changed to work with the new system as well.

Pharmacy software helps improve operations while promoting proper medication management for patient health. This is greatly due to the improved data management experienced with these types of systems. When switching pharmacy software, it is important to realize how much data it actually manages and how intertwined it is with everyday processes such as:


  • Patient Data Tracking
  • Billing Information Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Prescription Fulfillment

This information is only part of the process and any pharmacy switching software also has to take into account their labeling needs. Implemented labeling practices and supplies must work with the new system flawlessly to properly manage prescriptions.

Achieving Positive Results During the Switch

The transition process does not have to be hard or jeopardizing to your business with the right help. Beyond ensuring data is intact and available for pharmacy practices, it is essential to take measures to ensure labels will print correctly and accommodate the differences in how the information is presented by the new software. If the new solution does not match up with your available labels and materials, the following problems may arise:

  • Hard to Read Labels
  • Adhesion Problems
  • Misinformation on Prescriptions
  • Increased Patient Risks
  • Slowed Employee Productivity

If you are considering this change or in the middle of this big change, Drug Package, LLC can help you achieve a seamless transition. Our team will make certain the proper sizes and types of labels are available to work with the new system. Regardless of what software your business uses to accomplish everyday tasks, our team is able to provide the right insight for guaranteed success. Contact us today to ensure your transition is a seamless, positive experience!

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