Pharmacy Thermal Labels: Pros and Cons

Pharmacy direct thermal labels are frequently used by the pharmacy industry in the U.S. and beyond. Big name retail pharmacies, small independent pharmacies, and closed door hospital pharmacies are just a few of the pharmacy settings in which you’ll find thermal labels.

Because thermal labels are so widely accepted among pharmacies of all stripes, you might assume the labels would be a good option for your own pharmacy (especially if you have a thermal label printer that isn’t in use). However, before you make pharmacy direct thermal labels your option of choice, let’s look at some basic pros and cons of the labels to help you make an educated decision.

  1. Pros of Pharmacy Direct Thermal Labels

There are five major benefits of thermal labels that stem from the fact that direct thermal printers don’t use ribbons: simplified printer maintenance, less maintenance expense, no need to worry about replacing a printer ribbon or dealing with ribbon-based errors, reduction of non-recyclable waste, and lightweight construction compared to other types of labels, which can reduce shipping cost.

Another benefit of thermal labels is they have an excellent “first pass yield rate,” which is the number of labels that are printed correctly on the first attempt. Thermal labels have a high first pass yield rate partly because they use no ink, instead using a thermal print head to record information, which eliminates the possibility of wasted labels due to ink smears.

  1. Cons of Pharmacy Direct Thermal Labels

The most obvious drawback of thermal labels is that they fade away after time. However, because fading occurs most rapidly when the labels are exposed to sunlight, this disadvantage can be eliminated — at least in the short-term — by keeping the labels away from sources of light, particularly sunlight.

About Our Company 

For over 135 years, Drug Package has supplied pharmacies and other healthcare entities with innovative labels and related solutions. Drug Package manufactures prescription labels designed to work with all pharmacy software programs and print on thermal printers. Over the decades, our products and services have grown to encompass an exceptionally broad range of offerings, some of which are useful to more than pharmacies and healthcare organizations. In each case, we advise clients on the best solution(s) for their unique labeling requirements.

If you believe pharmacy thermal labels are the right solution for your pharmacy, give us a call today at (800) 325-6137, or send us an email through our contact form to talk with a label specialist. We look forward to supplying a stock product or a custom product that meets your unique requirements!



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