Pill Crusher & Portion Control Cups – An Easier Way to Dispense Medicines

Some individuals have difficulty swallowing medications and this task becomes increasingly difficult as the number of prescriptions increases. It imperative for pharmacies to provide an alternative option for completing this task. One consistent option has been a pill cutter, but this choice creates sharp edges, which can result in the pill getting lodged in the throat.

Problems with taking medications increase for seniors and young children who naturally have a hard time with this task. These individuals may even need to take liquid medicines where portion control cups are necessary. Pill crusher & portion control cups deliver a better alternative with less risk. Each of these items offers benefits to the medication dispensing process.

What are the Benefits of Pill Crushers?

Pill crushers are used to completely crush the medication, which allows the individual to easily take it with water or another liquid. There is no risk of the pill becoming lodged in their throat or of the individual choking. Certain designs have unique qualities to prevent issues such as cross-contamination as well.

Portion control cups can be used to ensure the individual receives the right dose of a liquid medicine. They are also often commonly used by medical facilities to prevent cross contamination and give the appropriate doses.  Each cup is used to dispense medicine into a blister pack or another container for the customer without contaminating another prescription.

Both provide a higher level of safety for patients, consumers, and the company providing the medication. Portion control cups deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased control over the medication dispensment process.
  • Safer handling during prescription fulfillment.
  • Reduced risk of mix-ups.
  • Simple transition to prescription container.
  • Eliminate risk of cross contamination.

Using these items to dispense medicine and for customers who have trouble taking pills delivers many benefits. Precautions must be taken with pill crushers to ensure they are only being used for acceptable medications. It is essential to inform the customer of these precautions and to remind them to clean the device after use.

Drug Package offers pill crusher & portion control cups to help your business improve the dispensment process. If you are seeking simple, affordable options for this area of prescription fulfillment, our team will help you determine the best choice for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more!