What Is the Best Pill Packing System for Your Pharmacy

If you pharmaceutical or medical practice is looking for the most efficient way to pack pills there are several options that you can explore. Prescription pills come in various quantities and sizes, and there are many ways to distribute these medications to your patients, but finding an option that is quick, affordable, and accurate, is best for your business and customers. Blister packs, vials, and even padded mailers have all become popular methods of delivering prescription medications. If you are looking to explore these options for your practice, you should understand how each system works and the benefits of each method. Whether you choose one primary system or a combination of many, be sure that whatever method you choose is what will be the most effective for your particular needs. 

Popular Pill Packing Systems

  • Blister Packs – This system uses pre-formed plastic to seal medication into convenient cardboard or foil backed packs, that allow you to access one dose at a time. Blister packs can accommodate 9-90 day supplies of any size or shape pill.
  • Prescription Vials – Prescription vials are the traditional tubes that hold loose pills and are concealed with child proof lids. These vials are affordable and easy to fill quickly.
  • Padded Envelopes for Prescription Shipping – Many pharmacies are beginning to ship prescriptions to their patients for added convenience and discretion. If you are mailing prescription meds, you should use padded mailers that protect the medication, allowing it to arrive intact and ready to use. This method is ideal for patients who cannot easily travel to pick up their medication.

Shopping for a Pill Packing System?

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