Prescription File Boxes – Does your Pharmacy Need Help with Record Keeping?

With the new year upon us everyone seems to be getting into organization mode. Starting the year off fresh and organized helps to set the tone for the entire year, so now is a great time to evaluate your pharmacy’s record keeping processes. While it is incredibly important for a pharmacy to stay organized when dispensing prescriptions, it is just as critical that they be organized after dispensing – or with their record keeping process. Prescription file boxes can go a long way in keeping your pharmacy organized and compliant with government regulations. 

Do Pharmacies have to Keep Written Prescriptions on File?
A pharmacy is required to keep a record of every prescription dispensed. The pharmacist also has to record each dispensing of a repeat prescription as well as sign, date, and stamp each prescription.

Since pharmacies are saddled with the responsibility of housing prescriptions, they should develop a neat way to store these prescriptions so that they can be organized and easily referenced when necessary. Drug Package has a wonderful product for doing that. Our Prescription File Boxes are simple and affordable solutions for pharmacy record storage. Here are a few features of our prescription file boxes:

  • Constructed of White Durable Cardboard
  • Contain Two Compartment Storage Rows
  • Manufactured with Tabs to Lock Drawers Together for Organized Stacking
  • Great Capacity as each Holds approximately 6,500 Prescriptions
  • Time Savers Since they are Already Assembled and Ready to Use
  • Sold in Sets of 2 with 2 Identifying Labels
  • No Delays – In Stock for Immediate Shipment!

Along with these our prescription file boxes, your pharmacy will want to purchase our assorted California style folders. These folders will further help with organization by allowing prescriptions to be bundled in stacks of 100. The folders are offered in multiple colors and neatly wrap completely around the prescriptions keeping them all together for easy retrieval.

Drug Package Solutions
If your pharmacy is looking for a cost-effective supplier to meet customer needs, Drug Package wants to be your partner. We are always looking for innovative ways to improve pharmacy operations and organization and our prescription file boxes are just one of our many unique solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.