Rx Hanging Bag

Importance of Prescription Hang Up Bags

Many pharmacies use prescription up bags to store prescription medication for ease of sorting and locating when customers come for pick up. These bags are important to your business as they are essential for organizing medications and ensuring that customers receive the correct prescription in a timely manner. When shopping for prescription hang up bags for your business, you want to find a reliable supplier who can provide you with a variety of options as well as a quality product for an affordable price.

Depending upon your needs, you may be looking for specific sized hang up bags that fit into your rack system, or you may be looking for a variety of different sized bags to find what works best for you pharmacy in terms of storage and retrieval time. At Drug Package LLC, you can shop several sizes of high quality pharmacy hang up bags that won’t break the bank. Our SmartFlow Urgency-Colored bag system can help improve pharmacy efficiency and save on costly errors. We also carry standard hang-up bags ranging from small 10.5” x 7.5” hang up bags for racking systems with tight spaces, to oversized 21” x 14” bags, and everything in between. Our expert pharmacy supplies representatives can help you find the best hang up bags for your pharmacy.

Looking for a Reliable Pharmacy Supplier?

Since 1881 Drug Package has been providing pharmaceutical supplies to pharmacies, hospitals, medical offices, and long term care facilities. Everything from custom printed prescription labels, to  pharmacy tools, thank you bags, pill packs and more, Drug Package can provide expert knowledge and top notch service to help you get the products that best suit your specific needs. Because of their dedication to providing high quality supplies for affordable prices while providing exceptional customer care, Drug Package LLC has become North America’s a number one pharmacy supply provider.

If you would like to see Drug Package’s supply of prescription hang up bags, or other pharmacy supplies you can browse our product selection here!

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