Custom Prescription Label Template

If you are looking for a custom designed prescription label template for your pharmacy or medical facility, Drug Package can help. A well designed prescription label template makes printing high quality labels on demand, fast and easy. Printing on demand laser labels provides many benefits to a busy pharmacy and all you need to get started is a custom design template and a printer. Drug Package is capable of designing a custom label template, specific to your brand, with your custom dimensions, branding, and information. This template will also be compatible with your facility’s software, so all you need to do is input the patient and prescription info, then click print. If you are looking to have a custom prescription label template designed that is professional, easy to read, and affordable, Drug Package is here to help.

Benefits Of Designing Prescription Label Templates With Drug Package:

  • Full Customization – Drug Package will work closely with your pharmacy or practice to design a brand specific label. This allows you to include specific logos, colors, and important information that pertains to your business. This customization will also allow you to set a specific size dimension to meet your needs.
  • Speed – One of the biggest draws to using laser labels and pre designed label templates is speed. Once your label template has been designed, all you need to do is plug in the prescription information and print. This allows you to have a custom label in hand, ready to use in just seconds. 
  • Experience – Drug Package has over 130 years of experience in pharmacy supply, and is North America’s first choice pharmacy supplier. Our staff has the knowledge and ability to create and provide the best supplies for your specific needs, for an affordable price. 

Need A Custom Designed Prescription Label Template:

If you are looking for the right prescription label template for your pharmacy, contact Drug Package today! Our team is standing by and ready to help.