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Prescription Laser Labels VS Thermal Labels

Prescription laser labels and thermal labels are two popular forms of labels from prescription medication bottles and pill packs. If you have a pharmacy or medical office that is in need of prescription labels, you may be wondering what the differences between these two styles of labels are. Prescription labels are very important to patients as they provide vital instructions for dosage that keep the user safe. For this reason, it is important that you use high quality labels like Drug Package’s prescription labels, that are easy to read and won’t fade or peel. It is also important that you understand the differences between various styles of labels before purchasing so that you can get the best labels for your needs. 

Key Differences Between Laser and Thermal Labels 

  • Prescription Laser Labels – Laser labels can be customized for your pharmacy to be printed on the spot, as needed with your laser printer. One of the biggest benefits of printing laser labels is that they can be printed very fast and produce more labels in a shorter amount of time than other styles of label printing. Drug Package’s laser labels are made up of pressure sensitive labels and bond paper to create a very durable label with a strong adhesive to prevent peeling. These labels are designed for speed and have a strong adhesive backing to form a durable bond with your packaging and prevent peeling.
  • Prescription Thermal Labels – Thermal printed labels use heat to transfer print onto labels. Much like laser printed labels, Drug Packages thermals labels can be designed with custom dimensions and have a strong adhesive backing to prevent peeling. An added benefit of thermal printed labels is that they handle extreme temperature better than other labels, being able to endure high heat and extreme cold without darkening or discoloration.

Whether you prefer prescription laser labels or thermal labels, Drug Package can help you get the supplies you need at an affordable price. With more than 100 years of experience Drug Package has become North America’s preferred pharmacy supply provider, and can help you find the best supplies for your needs. If your business could benefit from high quality, durable, pharmacy labels contact us today, or browse our online products here.