laser labels for pharmacy

Why Use Prescription Laser Labels?

Prescription laser labels are a fast and affordable method of printing high quality prescription labels for your pharmacy or medical facility. Prescription laser labels are perfect for busy pharmacies or facilities that provide a high volume of prescriptions. Laser printing allows you to print your labels on demand as you need them, all you need is a template and a printer. If you think prescription laser labels are the right choice for your practice, Drug Package can help design the perfect, custom label template for your needs. This makes plugging in your prescription information and printing effortless. Drug Package has the ability to work with your practice to design a brand specific label template that will work with your pharmacy’s software, so you can easily print an attractive, easy to ready label for each prescription you process.

Benefits of Prescription Laser Labels:

  • Fast – One of the go to benefits of prescription laser labels is that they can be printed fast, and on demand. All that is required to print these labels is a printer and your custom label template. You then simply input the specific information for that patient and prescription and press print. Within seconds you have your label in hand and ready to use. 
  • Large Quantity – This type of label printing is also preferred by facilities that print large quantities of labels. Due to the speed and user friendly process, prescription laser labels are particularly helpful for high volume facilities.
  • Custom – When you design your prescription laser label template with Drug Package, this provides the benefit of being able to dictate custom label sizes, brand specific information, and other pertinent details related to your pharmacy or practice.  

Need Custom Prescription Laser Labels?

If you would like more information on Drug Package’s prescription laser labels and design, contact us here! Drug Package has over 130 years of experience in pharmacy supply to help you find and design the best products for your needs.