Prescription Packaging – Reduce Non-Compliance with Specially Designed Blister Packs

Prescriptions have to be taken consistently to be effective; however, for many individuals missing one or more doses is common. Non-compliance has become an issue in healthcare due to missed doses or individuals choosing not to take their medications. Missed doses sometimes result in the need for additional medicines or treatments. Failure to take a medicine at the designated time can be harmful to any individual who relies on the prescription.

It can be difficult for caretakers or family members to know if the individual has taken their meds. This creates unnecessary stress for everyone involved including the person taking the medications. Blister packs are one simple solution to a growing problem and many pharmacies are switching to this option to better protect their customers.

How Can Blister Packs Help?

Blister packs are commonly used for over-the-counter medications to provide easy to take individual doses and prevent tampering. These packs protect the integrity of each pill from the time of packaging to placement on the shelf. Blister pack prescription packaging makes it easier to know when to take medicine. Caretakers, family, or the individual is able to quickly see if a dose has been taken since the backing must be punctured on the pack.

Options are available for placing individual or multiple medications in packs with defined days of the week and times. This is very helpful to anyone taking medicine, as it provides the following benefits:

  • No Risk of Spills
  • Effortless to Open
  • Clear Instructions
  • Pills are Always Visible
  • Tamper-Evident

Blister prescription packaging provides a way to help each customer take their medicines. They do not have the stress of missing a dose, spilling medications, or having trouble opening them. If someone has taken a dose, it is easy to tell just by looking at the blister pack. Additionally, they promote compliance across all ages by ensuring caretakers, parents, or family members are able to monitor medications better.

Drug Package offers several choices to meet your blister prescription packaging needs. Our team will help you determine what design will work best for customer compliance, safety, and health. Contact us today to learn about our process, materials, and options.