Prescription Pads – Maybe Paper is Not Such a Bad Idea After All

At Drug Package, LLC we are committed to helping provide physicians and practitioners the very best products to allow them to work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our company has been providing pharmacy products for over 100 years and will continue to deliver our expertise and superior products to keep pace with technology. Below we look at some great patient benefits to using prescription pads (aka prescription blanks) vs digital prescriptions.

Benefits of Using Prescription Blanks

If you’ve been to a doctor’s office lately and needed a prescription for an illness, you might have walked away empty handed. Not because the doctor didn’t write you one, but because their staff submitted the prescription online to the pharmacy. While this may seem like a benefit to both doctor and patient, there is an argument to be made for the usefulness of written prescriptions. Below we look at a few reasons why some physicians are sticking with the written scripts.

  • Forgetfulness – Many times a patient leaves the doctor’s office, goes home, and completely forget about their prescription. If they have not set up contact information with their pharmacy, the prescription likely goes unfilled. With paper scripts, the patient has a physical reminder to go fill their prescription. Some doctors even write out examinations or tests on scripts, such as mammograms or MRI’s. In the case of mammograms, it is particularly beneficial to have that paper as a reminder to schedule an appointment.
  • Accuracy – When a doctor writes out and hands a patient a prescription, two sets of eyes have now reviewed the prescription. Having a written script allows the patient a chance to review their personal information as well as the actual medicine prescribed. Maybe the patient asked for a 90-day prescription and the doctor only wrote it for 30 days. Sometimes birth date information is inaccurate or names are misspelled. Having a second set of eyes on a prescription is never a bad thing.
  • Wellness Reminders – What better opportunity is there to talk about wellness with a patient than when reviewing their prescription. A doctor is already going to discuss the importance of following the script and a patient is likely very focused when discussing any medicine he/she will be taking. This is the perfect time for a physician to promote diet, exercise, and self-examinations just to name a few. Maybe your office could give pink prescriptions during the month of October for breast cancer awareness. Visual reminders are known to work well with patients.

At Drug Package, LLC we have been developing and manufacturing pharmacy supplies and packaging for over 136 years. Prescriptions pads are just one of the many products we carry. Our pads have numerous features and can be ordered as stock blanks or can be personalized. We carry tamper resistant as well as consecutively numbered scripts.  Along with our prescriptions, we offer storage drawers for pharmacies to neatly and accurately keep prescriptions on file. Browse our selection of pharmacy supplies here.

Partnering with Medical Providers

If you are a doctor, dental, or other medical provider and in need of prescription pads or if you are just looking for a cost-effective supplier to meet customer needs, Drug Package wants to be your partner. We consistently strive to find innovative ways to improve the professional-patient relationships within the healthcare industry. Contact us today (800-325-6137) to learn more about our products and services.

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