Pharmacy Retrieval System

Prescription Retrieval System: Your Options at Drug Package

At pharmacies, accidentally dispensing the wrong medication is a serious event, one that places the customer’s health at risk and results in the mistake being recorded in the performance record of the pharmacy worker responsible. On both sides of the pharmacy counter, it’s exceptionally important to ensure accuracy in the medication dispensing process — and our full-scale, ready to implement, HIPAA responsive prescription retrieval system helps you do it.

Step 1: Choose the Rack System

Choose between three rack system configurations to select the one that works best for your workspace and prescription-rack-systemsprescription processing workflow:

  1. Freestanding, revolving racks that come with or without wheels and have 3, 4, or 5 rings that are each 20” in diameter
  1. Standard wall racks that mount vertically, with lengths of 24” 36” 48”, or 72”, and rod brackets 8” deep that hold ?” steel rods that span 36” or 48” in length
  1. Deluxe wall rack systems with ½” diameter aluminum frames that hold 4-5 steel rods that are 36” or 48” wide

Some pharmacies implement a single type of rack system, while others implement more than one. If you need help choosing a configuration, our product specialists are here to help.

Step 2: Choose Prescription Bags

prescription-bagsNow that you’ve selected a rack system configuration, it’s time to choose transparent prescription bags to hang on the rack. We offer HangUp brand bags in five sizes, expressed in height and width, with the product number following.

  1. 10-½” x 7-½” (DP101)
  2. 12” x 9” (DP103)
  3. 10-½” x 12-½” (DP104)
  4. 14” x 12-½” (DP105)
  5. 14” x 21” (DP107)

Our tough, clear HangUp bags come in packages of 10 of the same size. These bags hold up to the wear and tear of a busy pharmacy medication dispensing operating, remaining smooth and clear through multiple uses. Keep different sizes on hand to handle prescription orders of different sizes.

Step 3: Apply Hanging Index Tabs

pharmacy-tab-indexBefore you place bags on the rack, apply our hanging index tabs that come in packs of 25, with large stick-on letters or numbers. Hang prescription bags in alphabetical order or numerical order — whichever option brings the most efficiency and control to your prescription processing workflow.


Step 4: Place Medicine in Bags

prescription-medicine-storageStep four is easiest of all: Start placing prescriptions in bags and enjoy the increased control, accuracy, and efficiency that the new prescription retrieval system brings to medication dispensing. Because we offer all of the supplies you need for implementing the system, you can place a single order, get everything you need quickly, and start installation.


Highly Effective, Low Maintenance

Our prescription retrieval system solutions are highly effective for pharmacies that have different workspace needs, different daily prescription filling volumes, and different prescription indexing needs, to name a few. Once in place, the durable rack system, bags, and index tabs are exceptionally low maintenance. Have your maintenance crew take a few minutes to install the parts, and you shouldn’t have to worry about downtime for maintenance for quite a while.

Need a Prescription Retrieval System?

If so, Drug Package provides the equipment and supplies you need to get your new system up and running in a flash. We supply everything you need; all you do is implement the parts. For more information about product options for our prescription retrieval systems, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.