laser labels for pharmacy

Importance of Quality Laser Labels for Pharmacy

When deciding on what pharmacy labels to use for prescription bottles, and pill packs, important factors to consider are durability, ease of reading, and strength of adhesive, all of which are characteristics of high quality laser labels for pharmacy. Pharmacy labels are essential to providing customers and patients with pertinent information about their prescriptions, such as dosage and use instructions that keep them safe, making quality labels a necessity.

At Drug Package LLC, we produce a line of laser labels for pharmacy that combine pressure sensitive labels and bond paper to create durable labels that can be easily run through your laser printer. With a large selection of label formats that are compatible with most existing software and the ability to create laser labels with custom dimensions, we can provide you with the pharmacy labels that best suit your business. Manufactured with attention to detail and quality being a top priority, you can trust that we will provide you with a label that is durable, easy to print and read, and bonded with a high quality adhesive.

Who Is Drug Package LLC?

Established in 1881, Drug Package LLC has been a reliable provider of pharmacy products for over 100 years. Located just outside of St. Louis Missouri, Drug Package manufactures all of their paper products in the United States, and has become North America’s number one pharmacy supplier. Drug Package prides themselves on the quality of their products and is more than happy to customize any paper products to better suit your business.

Laser labels for pharmacy use are important elements to ensuring your patients and customers receive the correct medicines, accurate dosage, and directions for use. For these reasons your pharmacy or medical practice should be sure to use quality labels. With over 100 years of knowledge and experience, you can trust Drug Package to provide you with the pharmacy supplies you need. Contact us today or browse our full catalog of pharmacy supplies here.