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pharmacy labelsLabeling for pharmacy Rx (Rx is a symbol that stands for “medical prescription,”) is a very important part of managing prescription medicine for patients. The labeling of the medicine must be clear and concise, so the patient knows exactly what is in the container, especially if the patient takes more than one prescription medication. Mixing up prescription medicines can be disastrous, since directions are very specific and adamant about how much of the medication you are supposed to take, and when during the day you need to take it. Failure to obey these directions could prove catastrophic. Therefore, no one, from the pharmacy to the patient, should take the importance of medical prescription (Rx) labels lightly. Because of its importance, it is strongly recommended that you find a reputable provider of medical prescription labels, especially one that offers easy online ordering. For this additional benefit, look no further than using Drug Package, Inc. for all of your medical prescription labels and simple online ordering.

Drug Package, Inc. takes great pride in providing only the best medical products available on the market today for preparing and packaging prescription orders for customers. These optimum products include a complete line of laser labels, thermal labels for either transfer or direct printing, pin-fed labels, standard pharmacy labels, as well as commercial labels, among many other helpful options. Drug Package, Inc. also offers label die configurations that are available for all current label printing software programs, along with preprinted and / or stock prescription labels. If your medical facility or in-house label printing system require a different or specifically customized configuration, Drug Package can produce a custom layout designed to fit your location’s specific needs, which promise to function without any incident through your label printer. In addition, Drug Package, Inc. boasts top quality labeling materials and components, including adhesive resources that ensure the labels will stick securely to any type of drug container, mailing carton or box, and envelope.

Drug Package, Inc. has prospered through customer loyalty when it comes to offering medical prescription (Rx) labels for several reasons. First, with the help of our easy to navigate website, easy to follow catalogs that can be opened and viewed in an Adobe PDF document, and simple online ordering system, customers can purchase medical prescription labels, and other medical products offered by our company, and have the items shipped to their location without any hassle. Moreover, Drug Package, Inc. representative guarantee providing personal attention to customer accounts, especially if any questions or concerns arise regarding the products we offer, along with the ordering and shipping process. We also make the promise of assuring on time and prompt service and product delivery, as well as a speedy turn around time from when the product is ordered on our website to the time it takes to arrive on your location.

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