Our New Rx Storage File Drawer: 5 Key Features

Pharmacies that store medication scripts need an efficient storage method. Using a storage file drawer is a traditional option that still works well. However, not just any type of drawer is ideal for all storage needs. If you need a solution for storing medication scripts, below are five key benefits you receive from Drug Package’s new Rx storage file drawer.

  1. Useful for Temporary or Permanent Storage

Drawers are made from durable cardboard, making them ideal for temporary or permanent use. Use the drawers to quickly set up a temporary filing system while your pharmacy changes locations, or take advantage of the pre-assembled design to set up a permanent system fast. The drawers’ low price makes them cost-effective for temporary and permanent storage needs.

  1. Can Lock Drawers Together for Stacking

One drawer holds approximately 6,500 prescriptions. That’s a lot of scripts, but if you need more storage, simply lock two or more drawers together and stack them. You can use the drawers in this way to create a makeshift filing cabinet. Thanks to their cardboard construction, stacked drawers are much lighter and easier to move than most standard file storage cabinets.

  1. Houses Various California Style Folders

Our new Rx storage file drawer is designed to hold california style folders. What’s more, you can get the folders you need straight from our store. Choose from standard size folders in assorted colors, extra long folders, extra capacity folders, and more. Check out your folder options by browsing through our Prescription File Folders catalogue.

  1. Comes Assembled and Ready to Use

As mentioned above, the drawer comes fully assembled and ready for action. This makes it a great option for setting up a temporary storage system fast, as well as implementing a storage solution that is easy to scale up or down, as your storage requirements change.

Our storage drawers can be combined with another in a matter of seconds. Simply adjust the tabs to lock the drawers together, and you are ready to start storing folders containing medication scripts.

  1. Made from Recyclable Materials

Whether you use our Rx storage file drawer for temporary or permanent storage, when the product reaches the end of its lifespan and needs to be discarded, simply place it in the proper recycling bin. If your pharmacy is looking for a “greener” way to store medication scripts, using our cardboard drawers that have high-quality plastic handles is one way to do it.

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Our new Rx storage file drawer is a great permanent or temporary option for storing folders containing medication scripts. Its cardboard construction also makes the drawer a great option for pharmacies needing a recyclable storage receptacle, as well as one that’s easy to move to different locations within the pharmacy.

Get the storage drawers and file folders you need by calling us at 1-800-325-6137, or order online using our secure order form. We look forward to assisting you with prescription file storage!