RX Storage Filing Drawers & Folders – Easy Record Management for Your Business

As a pharmacy, you are responsible for ensuring all paperwork and old prescription information is stored safely to meet federal regulations. This can be a daunting task when servicing a large number of customers whose prescriptions change frequently. Pharmacies are required to comply with multiple federal regulations, which creates extensive paperwork. While some businesses are relying more on digital storage, many still use traditional methods for managing this information.

Paperwork easily becomes overwhelming with the number of items businesses are required to store. Beyond filled prescriptions, pharmacies must store signatures, ID’s, insurance cards, and patient records. Digital options such as signature capture through point of sale systems have made this process easier. Even with digital storage, managing paper records can still be cumbersome.

RX Storage – Time to Get Organized

If managing this information has become troublesome, it might be time to consider using RX storage filing drawers and folders. To properly organize this information, you need a system in place that is designed to support constantly growing needs. RX storage filing drawers are the perfect option for storing old paperwork. They come in a variety of designs making it easy to set up the perfect storage system for your archived prescription information.

Filing drawers are capable of holding thousands of records, which makes them a great option for an established pharmacy with a large customer count. Larger drawers are made from white, durable cardboard and have tabs for easy stacking. Alternatively, a smaller solution can be used to hold index cards or other types of records. RX storage filing drawers are ready to use making them an ideal way to quickly organize your paper prescription files.

RX folders are also a great way to manage your paperwork and keep it organized. They hold a smaller prescription count but come in several colors to further help you manage this information. Extra capacity folders are an option for increased paper storage.

Whatever your needs, RX storage filing drawers and folders provide the perfect solution. Drug Package offers several choices to help you get paperwork organized. View our catalog here or contact us today to learn more about our available products.