Drug Package's Safeguard Supply Program

Control Pricing, Guarantee Supply, and Secure Delivery

The pandemic has left no stone unturned. As we all know, the global healthcare supply chain was especially hard hit. Over the last year at Drug Package, we’ve been working behind the scenes preparing for a new reality — so that we continue to provide you precisely what you need, precisely when you need it.

Drug Package has a solution that does just that.

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What’s the New Reality?

The pandemic created a perfect storm of economic difficulties. Early on, the energy industry was caught unprepared for a global shutdown. The result? An incredibly volatile market – higher prices for crude oil, diesel fuel, and at the gas tank. All translating into skyrocketing freight costs to transport supplies in the air, over oceans, and on the road.

But, the pandemic affected more than just energy costs. The supply chain landscape was forever changed – from labor shortages and limited manufacturing operations to decreased access to raw materials. In real terms, that means a low supply and a high demand situation, where customers pay higher prices for delayed deliveries.

But, not our customers.

Drug Package’s Safeguard Supply Program


Control Your Pricing


Guarantee Your Supply


Secure Your Delivery

What is Drug Package’s Safeguard Supply Program?

We designed our Safeguard Supply Program to do just that — safeguard our customers against exorbitant price increases and supply shortages. It’s the best protection for your inventory management and your bottom line on all the products Drug Package offers.

  • Control Pricing

    That means minimal to no price increases, no surprise billing.

  • Guaranteed In-Stock Items

    We will have what you need when you need it.

  • Guaranteed Delivery Without Delay

    No waiting and wondering when (or if) your order will arrive.

  • Immediate Peace of Mind

    Predictability, stability, and security for your inventory, budgeting, and planning.


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It’s one more way that Drug Package is there for you, with our unwavering commitment to best-in-class quality customer service behind every question answered, every problem solved, and every order placed. It’s simply who we are and how we help you.

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