Short Cycle Medication Cards: 4 Applications for Pharmacies

Short cycle medication cards are used for prescriptions that are taken for a short period of time — generally no longer than three weeks. In many cases, short cycle meds are taken for less than two weeks, which presents pharmacies with a medication dispensing issue: Should the drugs be dispensed in standard prescription vials, even the smallest of which would be oversized for the number of pills inside; or should they be dispensed in a different container, one designed to hold only a few pills?

The answer depends on how many short cycle medications a pharmacy dispenses and how often they’re dispensed. With that said, most pharmacies have at least four prescription filling applications that would be well-served by short cycle medication cards.

  1. Antivirals

Short-cycle-medication-cardsAntiviral medications are prescribed for several types of viruses, the most common being the seasonal flu. One of the front line medications for flu treatment is Tamiflu, which is generally prescribed for no longer than ten days, with the patient taking one capsule per day. Our medication card featuring 7 or 14 blisters is a sensible solution for packaging the pills.

  1. Opioids

Authorities across the nation are cracking down on what law enforcement and substance abuse counselors are calling an “epidemic” of opioid prescription abuse. Doing their part to combat the problem, physicians are prescribing opioids in the shortest possible courses.

If you have a wisdom tooth removed, you’re likely to get about three days’ worth of Tylenol with codeine instead of the more generous five days’ worth that once seemed standard. The goal is to prevent extra pills from sitting in the medicine cabinet, where they can easily be stolen.

In addition to being ideal for short courses of opioids, a short cycle medication card also makes it easy for the prescription holder to see if pills have been removed by someone else.

  1. Benzodiazepines

Like opioids, benzodiazepines are an embattled class of medications due to their potential for abuse. However, for many decades now, the drugs have been viewed as short-term solutions for anxiety and insomnia, while patients with epilepsy may take a “benzo” long-term.

Unless they prescribe it for seizures, many medical professionals feel that a benzodiazepine shouldn’t be taken for more than two weeks straight, making short cycle medication cards an excellent option for dispensing the meds when they are prescribed short-term.

  1. Trial Medications

When a medication has prominent side effects that occur regularly, it’s not uncommon for the patient to start taking it in low doses for a short period of time. This type of prescribing is perfect for a short cycle medication card. If the medicine works out, the patient can move forward and receive a larger prescription. If not, at least there won’t be lots of unused medication leftover.

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