Save Money with SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System

The practices used within your pharmacy to organize and manage filled prescriptions is extremely important to cost management. When a label is placed on the filled prescription, the manufacturer will not accept it as a return. This can be costly for expensive medications, especially when the patient does not pick it up or has refused to pay for it. In these scenarios, the cost of the medication falls directly on the pharmacy.

Introducing the SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System

The SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System provides a simple solution for managing these costs. Color-coded bags are used to manage prescriptions based on patient urgency. This lowers stress levels by making it easier to identify what medicines should be filled first by delivering an easy to follow system:

  • Red – Urgent
  • Yellow – Caution
  • Green – Relax
  • Purple – Attention

The SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System simplifies the process of locating a patient’s medications by making them easily accessible from a hanging rack. While trays have been status quo, they take up more space and have a higher risk of being spilled or mixed up. A bagging system ensures each patient’s prescription is in a sealed, labeled area. They reduce the risk of errors while guaranteeing medications are filled in a timely manner.

Better Management of Expensive Prescription Medications

The SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System provides an easy to use color-coded bag with separate pockets for label storage. One avoidable expense experienced by pharmacies is a patient’s failure to pick up or refusal to pay for high-cost medications. Purple bags prevent costly mistakes when dispensing expensive medications or special orders for patients. They can be used to implement the following practices:

  • Store the medicine and label in one location.
  • Apply the label at time of fulfillment.
  • Store prescription information with the medicine.

Having the ability to keep this information together in one location reduces the risk of filling a prescription that will not be picked up. Once the label is applied, it cannot be returned to most manufacturers. Purple bags can be used to manage these prescriptions and implement processes to eliminate these costs for your pharmacy.

Drug Package, LLC offers the SmartFlow Urgency-Colored RX Bag System to help pharmacies better manage costs and the prescription fulfillment process. To learn more about this system and how it can help prevent unwanted costs, contact us today!

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