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Spring Pharmacy Bags – A Simple way to Brighten a Customer’s Day

It’s that time of year when everyone is looking forward to the flowers blooming and warmer temperatures. It’s also a great time of year for your pharmacy to brighten up your office and put a smile on your customers faces. Whether you want to promote a special holiday this spring, like Easter, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, or if you just want to share the pretty colors that spring brings, Drug Package, LLC has the perfect assortment of spring pharmacy bags to meet your needs.

Our spring bags are colorful and appealing to customers. They come in one size (5 x 2 x 10) which is ideal for small counter purchases. There are eight different colorful selections to choose from and they are available for purchase in cases of 500 (minimum 2 case order). View our brochure here.

Custom Pharmacy Bags
Aside from our spring bags and other seasonal pharmacy bags, we also carry custom designs to showcase your brand or any message you might was to share with your customers.  Custom pharmacy bags offer limitless opportunities to communicate with customers and can feature the following:

  • Logo/Branding – The perfect place to showcase your logo and give a more personalized feel to your pharmacy.
  • Valuable Store Information– A great space to share store contact numbers and other important information such as hours of operation, drive through or delivery information. This pertinent store information is the perfect way to keep your customers informed.
  • Seasonal Message – Wishing them a happy holiday or reminding them to get their flu shot can distinguish your pharmacy from the competition.
  • Coupons – Everyone enjoys saving money. A simple coupon printed on the pharmacy bag can be helpful in driving sales.

At Drug Package our primary goal is to deliver affordable, dependable solutions to our customers. Think of the opportunity you might be missing using plain white pharmacy bags! We know that pharmacy bags offer endless opportunities to speak to your customers whether it is just a colorful bag to brighten their day, or a custom bag that can increase brand awareness and offer valuable information and savings.

Time to Switch Pharmacy Bags?

If you are ready to order our spring bags or to switch your plain white bags to a custom designed pharmacy bags, just give our friendly sales staff a call at 800-325-6137, or fill out our request a quote form online here. Thank you for trusting Drug Package, LLC with all your pharmacy packaging and supply needs!

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