How Auxiliary Labels Assist Pharmacies and Their Customers

Doctors and pharmacists routinely advise patients on the potential side effects of medications and how the medications should be taken. However, not everyone walks out of the doctor’s office or away from the pharmacy counter with a perfect memory of what was said. This is one reason why it is important for pharmacies to use auxiliary labels for prescription medications.

What Are Auxiliary Labels?
For those who don’t know, auxiliary labels are informational labels that are applied to the outside of prescription medicine bottles. The labels are designed to provide crucial information about things to avoid, or things to perform carefully, when taking the medication, such as taking it with other medications that could cause an overdose, or operating machinery after taking a dose.

Benefits for Pharmacies and Customers
For pharmacists, auxiliary labels serve two purposes: They make it easier for patients to take a new medication responsibly, and they help protect the pharmacy against liability if a customer decides to take his medication in a non-approved way that causes health problems. The labels serve as a reinforcement of why medications should be used according to prescribing protocols.

For pharmacy customers, auxiliary labels also have two benefits: They familiarize customers with how medication should be taken, and, by extension, they help improve health outcomes. After taking a med for a long period of time, many patients have no need to read auxiliary labels before taking the medicine, but reading them initially can help prevent poor health outcomes.

Choosing the Right Supplier of Labels
The old saying that “variety is the spice of life” certainly applies to choosing a supplier of auxiliary labels. Ideally, pharmacies should partner with an auxiliary label supplier that offers a wide variety of ready-made labels, and can produce custom labels if needed. If you manage a pharmacy that needs this type of label supplier, Drug Package is here to meet your needs.

We supply various types of ready-made labels that come in a variety of sizes, feature a variety of messages, and display messages on labels of different colors. If you need an auxiliary label that we do not have in stock, we can create it for you. We can also create a custom medicine packaging solution that features your pharmacy’s custom-designed auxiliary labels for meds.

Place Your Label Order Today  
Auxiliary labels play an important role for pharmacists and their customers in terms of helping to ensure that medication is taken correctly. Consequently, they help pharmacies avoid liability for medication misuse and help patients experience the best medication-based health outcomes. Drug Package can provide ready-made and custom auxiliary labels that support these goals.

For help choosing the best auxiliary labeling for the needs of your pharmacy and its valued customers, contact Drug Package today to speak with one of our product specialists. Call us at (800) 325-6137, or request a quote today. We look forward to helping your pharmacy help its customers by supplying medicine labels that offer crucial information!