What Are The Benefits of Using a Blister Card?

A prescription vial is the most common type of container in which prescription medications are dispensed. For most patient populations, receiving pills in a vial doesn’t pose an obstacle to taking the medication. They can remove the cap and access medication with ease, as needed.

However, there are also patients who cannot use pill vials effectively due to various concerns. For these patients, dispensing medication in the form of a blister card that offers the following benefits can promote medication compliance, and thus support positive health outcomes.

  1. Easy Pill Removal

The front of a blister card is comprised of durable plastic that protects pills that are housed in the plastic membrane. But the reverse side of the card features a thin cover that allows patients to remove pills from the blister card easily. The easier pills are to access, the greater the opportunity for a patient to remain medication-compliant and support his or her health.

  1. Easy to Track Pill Use

A blister card can be designed to feature medication dosing instructions on the reverse side of the card. For example, blister cards that feature date sensitive indicators help patients track pill use. They are organized in a way where a patient can easily see when medication is to be taken. Furthermore, it is even easier to see when a dose has been missed. Having such a simple visible aide can help patients take medication according to the prescriber’s instructions and support positive health outcomes. To take medication as prescribed and support positive health outcomes, all some patients may need is a blister card.

  1. Non-Degraded Pills

Pills dispensed in the form of a blister card also help reduce pill degradation that reduces the efficacy of pills. Pills in a prescription vial can rub against each other, creating dust that sheds some of their composition on the inside of the vial. Essentially, the dust results of pills that have shed some of their constituency on the inside of the vial. As long as they are handled gently, blister cards can prevent pills from degrading in the manner described above.

Need Help With Selecting Blister Cards?

In terms of the information it presents and the technology it uses to facilitate pill access, a blister card could be the perfect option for delivering medication to pharmacy customers who have impairments that make it difficult to use pill vials to retrieve medication. Arthritic customers, customers who experience short-term memory problems, and customers who have complex dosing regimens are examples of patient populations that can benefit from blister cards.

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