Pill Cards Can Help Reduce Medication Errors for Health & Home Care Providers

Probably the most glaring concern pertaining to health and home care providers is the supplying, provisioning, and/or administering of medication that can accidentally become erroneous. Although medication errors of this sort are rare, it does happen from time to time, and the result could be quite serious. What can be even more troubling is the ineffectiveness of medication if it is not taken in the prescribed manner. The use of pill cards by health and home care providers can help reduce these errors and ensure medication is taken in the correct dosage at the proper time. You see, pill cards for oral medication can help health and home care providers keep track of the daily prescribed dosage. This is known as medication compliance and is critical to good health care. Medication compliance means strictly following the recommendations for day-to-day treatment of medication with respect to the timing, dosage, and frequency. Blister cards are in invaluable tool in meeting compliance. These cards can be organized in such a way to literally spell out how much of the medication should be taken, along with what day/time the medication needs to be taken. The use of blister cards is very cost effective, making the opportunity cost of implementing its use absolutely imperative.

In addition, these pill cards allow professionals to log and detail any pertinent notes and information regarding the medication, such as what time in the day the medication is administered, the receivers response to the medication, as well as any side affects that have started to appear in the patient. Again, this is yet another very important component to using blister cards that also goes a long way to drastically minimizing any mistakes in medication administration and likely improving its effectiveness. Moreover, family and friends of the individual receiving health and/or home care can rest easy knowing any potential for incorrect administration of medication has been reduced when the agency providing care is using blister cards.

Drug Package, Inc. works toward helping health and home care providers reduce medication errors by designing, manufacturing, and supplying easy to fill, economically priced blister cards that provide numerous benefits and advantageous that were previously mentioned. Blister cards by Drug Package are easy to use, and the instructions are simple to follow. In addition, there is an assortment of blister cards provided by Drug Package, Inc. from which health and home care providers can choose, after deciding which specifically designed blister card is best to use for the patient. The goal of Drug Package is to ensure the best quality of medication administration is utilized, under any and all circumstances, which is why the company’s brand of blister cards are considered among the best in the health and home care providing business.