Is Your Pharmacy Carrying Blister Packaging for Medication Management?

According to a recent report from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “Medication taking is a complex, multi-dimensional behavior.” Seeing medication behavior in this light helps explain some troubling statistics for medication management that the FDA recorded in the same study. Using these statistics as a guide for improved medication management, pharmacies can support good health outcomes and reduce prescription errors that thwart positive outcomes.

  • Adherence to long-term therapy for chronic illnesses in developed countries averages only 50%.
  • Medication non-adherence leads to unnecessary disease progression and complications, avoidable hospitalizations, premature disability, a lower quality of life, and even death.
  • Non-adherence is the most common type of medication error studied in self-care settings [i.e., taking medication at home].

With these things in mind, one of the best strategies for improving medication management is dispensing medication in the form of blister packaging, particularly for populations that have difficulty using a conventional pill vial for one reason or another. The FDA recognizes the following important benefits of using blister packs to encapsulate medication in individual blisters, from which they can be removed day-by-day to achieve medication compliance.

  • Calendarized, unit-of-use blister packaging reduces non-adherence and other medication errors.
  • Unit-of-use blister packaging reduce errors.

When combined with the first set of statistics, these pieces of information paint a perfect picture of why your pharmacy should carry blister packaging for medication management, especially in terms of reducing errors, which can contribute to medication non-compliance.

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