Custom Adhesive for Commercial Labels: What Are Your Options?

commercial-labelsSeveral considerations go into choosing the right commercial labels for the needs of your business, one of the most important of which is the adhesive the labels contain. After all, if they have the wrong adhesive, your labels won’t adhere the way you need them to — a problem that could lead to several others if the labels are used to communicate crucial information.

Permanent adhesive, which offers a high initial tac and excellent bond strength, is the type of adhesive Drug Package applies to commercial labels unless the customer specifies otherwise. When this type of adhesive isn’t the best solution for the application, we often find that one of the following types of custom adhesive is right for the job.

All-Temperature Adhesive
This type of adhesive is commonly used for applying commercial labels to cold surfaces, such as the surface of storage receptacles in refrigerated environments and the surface of machinery that’s operated in cold weather, but the adhesive is also formulated to perform well in hot environments.

The application temperature can be as low as 10°F, and the adhesive works at temperatures ranging from 65°F to 200°F. If your labels fail to adhere properly in environments that have an unusually high or low temperature, you may need commercial labels that feature specially formulated, all-temperature adhesive.

High Tac Adhesive
High tac adhesive is exactly what it sounds like: adhesive that aggressively bonds to materials despite their surface quality. This type of adhesive is commonly used on surfaces that lack uniform smoothness at the microscopic level, such as unfinished wood and raw metallic alloys that lack polish. High tac adhesive is typically formulated to be permanent, as the surfaces to which it’s applied generally require the use of an ultra strong adhesive for labels to stay in place long-term.

Opaque Adhesive
As defined by, opaque adhesive is “usually permanent adhesive used for blockout purposes,…used to prevent show through when a label is used to cover up errors.” Two common applications for opaque adhesive is applying a new permanent label over an old, permanent label whose information isn’t valid, and applying a label over an erroneous label to prevent waste (e.g., applying a new label to a special prescription container because using the label costs less than replacing the container).

Removable Adhesive
At the opposite end of the spectrum from permanent adhesive is removable adhesive — a type of adhesive that’s designed to make labels removable they are applied. Removable adhesive is especially useful for applying point-of-purchase coupons to foodstuffs, applying medication notifications to medical charts for medications that will be taken for a shorter period of time than the chart is used, applying temporary status notifications to IT equipment that’s under repair, and the list goes on.

Removable adhesive doesn’t just make temporary labels easy to remove. It also prevents remnants of permanent labels from adhering to objects when you need to remove the labels. Just be sure to remember that temporary adhesive becomes permanent if the label is left in place too long, or if it’s exposed to weather.

Need Custom Adhesive?
If your commercial labels aren’t adhering to surfaces as expected, you may be in the market for labels that feature one of the custom adhesives above. To find out for sure, contact the label specialists at Drug Package. We have over 133 years of experience providing labeling solutions to pharmacies and other businesses, and we’ll proudly provide you with a custom adhesive if that’s what you need. Browse our product catalog here.

For assistance determining the type of adhesive you need for commercial labels, call us today at (800) 325-6137. We look forward to supporting your business!