Customizing Dual Web Laser Labels: Four Important Options

dual-web-laser-labelsDual web laser labels feature a special construction in which an information form and a label sheet containing one or more labels are joined side by side using a glue line that links the sections together seamlessly, forming a single “web” that features the “dual” presentation of the information form and the label sheet.

Pharmacies that use forms and labels in combined applications — or separate applications, for that matter — prefer dual web laser labels because the form section and label section can be printed simultaneously, which simplifies workflows and expedites label and form creation. For pharmacies that run a bustling business, the forms can be a real time saver.

Customizing Dual Web Laser Labels
Dual web laser labels are available as readymade products that meet the needs of a broad swath of users and also as custom products that cater to the needs of specific customers. If you’ve searched for dual web laser labels and can’t find a readymade product that meets your needs, the label specialists at Drug Package can supply a custom product that’s tailored to your specifications.

There are several aspects of dual web laser labels that you can customize, with label and form dimensions, and label and form color scheme being two. Below, we take a brief look at how each of these options can benefit your pharmacy’s form and labeling needs.

Product Dimensions
Order forms that meet the space requirements of your paper filing system and labels that meet space requirements for the specific labeling application. There’s no need to place a form order for a specific form size, and then place a label order for a specific label size. Get what you need by placing a single order that simplifies product storage and invoice management.

Color Scheme
Our dual web laser labels can be printed with up to five different colors. Use this option to receive a product that contains your pharmacy’s recognizable colors and thus caters to product branding through label application. To receive a product that has the colors you need, just supply us with a color scheme sample or designate PMS colors.

Let Us Supply Your Labels
Drug Package offers a nice selection of readymade dual web laser labels that meet the needs of many retail and commercial pharmacies, but we also know that some pharmacies have labeling and form needs that require custom design. That’s why we accept custom orders for dual web laser labels that must have unique dimensions, novel color schemes, special adhesive, and come in sheets or rolls, among other crucial characteristics.

Receiving a custom product from us is simple. Just give us a call at (800) 325-6137. Our product specialists will help you choose the right options and take your order. You can also visit our Custom Products page and download our Specialty Printed Items catalogue to see design options for our laser dual web labels. Call us or visit our online store today to get started on receiving your custom order for dual web laser labels!