Using Eco Friendly Promotional Tote Bags to Promote Your Brand

There are lots of opportunities to promote your pharmacy’s brand by associating it with things customers identify with. From a cost perspective, the value of the opportunities depends on the cost of the promotional vehicle compared to its ability to promote brand recognition.

For example, in terms of upfront cost and long-term gain, it would be more economical to promote your brand with our eco friendly promotional tote bags instead of a prime time TV commercial that ran for three weeks. The bags are far less expensive, and they last longer. People can carry them around for months, even years, showing off your brand the whole time.

Our eco friendly promotional tote bags are recyclable, durable, and come in three sizes, three styles of construction, and many different colors. Below are examples of how you can use them to promote your brand by associating it with things customers identify with in a positive way.

  1. National Health Observances

Our nation’s monthly, national health observances seem tailor-made for promoting a pharmacy’s brand on printed materials. U.S. national health observances are often represented by unique symbols and colors, such as a simple ribbon and the color pink for breast cancer awareness.

To see options for promoting monthly health awareness themes, check out this resource from the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) that lists monthly national health observances. Use our eco friendly tote bags to promote a different health awareness each month.

  1. National Holiday Seasons

Most of your customers probably enjoy national holidays, especially the big ones: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Labor Day, and Memorial Day. Print holiday messages and graphics on our eco friendly promotional tote bags that make your pharmacy seem carried away or carefully in keeping with holiday spirit. If you serve immigrant populations, who celebrate holidays from their homelands, you can print messages and graphics for those events, too.

  1. New Products and Services

To maintain a competitive edge, retail pharmacies are always on the lookout for new products and services that would offer a higher level of customer service. In addition to being great vehicles for promoting your brand through holidays and health observances, our eco friendly promotional tote bags are also a fine medium for advertising your products and services.

To synergize one branding effort with another, consider using our bags to advertise new products and services along with the national health observance theme that the products and services are associated with.

Order Your Tote Bags Today

If you need an economical way to promote your pharmacy’s brand, using our eco friendly tote bags to deliver marketing messages is a great option. When you order, select as many as three bag sizes: pocket shopper tote, promo jumbo shopping tote, and super value shopper tote. Choose stock printing or custom printing. We handle the printing process, and ship you the finished product fast.

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