Drug Packages New Jumbo Unit Dose Blisters Promotes Medication Adherence

Jumbo unit dose blisters are the largest blister size Drug Package offers. Due to the blister’s “jumbo” size, it is often used to contain multiple medications, which must be taken at the same time. It’s this simple characteristic of jumbo unit dose blisters that gives them their primary appeal for encouraging medication adherence. Below are a few ways jumbo blisters support medication adherence, and, by extension, promote good health outcomes.

Simplifies Dosing Multiple Meds

Jumbo unit dose blisters have the size to contain multiple pills with ease. When a patient must take multiple medications at the same time, retrieving the medicine from a single blister involves less hassle than opening multiple prescription vials to retrieve pills. By lowering the effort required to take a dosage, medication cards with jumbo blisters encourage medication adherence.

Ensures Correct Dose is Taken

This benefit applies to all blister cards that are professionally prepared by pharmacists or come from the pharmaceutical manufacturer with pills already placed in the blisters. Pills in jumbo blisters are the medication that should be taken, and the exact number of milligrams in which it should be consumed.

We frequently associate medication non-adherence with not taking medication on the right schedule, not receiving timely refills, or stopping taking the medication when signs of improvement are present. However, taking the wrong dosage is also a characteristic of non-adherence. As long as patients consume pills from blisters on the right schedule, they ensure the correct dose is taken.

The failure to request refills is a major source of medication non-adherence that leads to poor health outcomes. One glance at a blister card will reveal how many days of medication are left. Such visibility helps remind patients when refills are needed which will combat this type of non-adherence.

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