Magnetic Bracelets as Pharmacy Products: What You Should Know

There are two basic types of magnetic bracelets: bracelets that have a magnetic closure that secures them to your wrist, and bracelets that contain magnets that — according to some alternative medicine practitioners — deliver health benefits.

In this entry, we talk about the second type of magnetic bracelets — specifically, high-quality bracelets from Sabona — in terms of how they can help your pharmacy better serve customers.

History of Magnetic Bracelets

According to the “Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine”, magnets have been a part of the healing arts in China since about 200 B.C. Using the natural power of magnetic force, the bracelets work the same today as they did back then, when construction for the Great Wall of China began.

So, exactly how do magnetic bracelets purportedly deliver health benefits? As explains, “In keeping with Chinese medicine, the two poles of the magnet produce diametrically opposing benefits and usually, the negative pole should face the body. This allows the “qi,” or the body’s natural energy paths, to open and flow freely, promoting health.”

All you do is wear the bracelet, and let it work its magic. But, in the absence of in-depth research on the health effects of magnetic bracelets, the question remains: Do they have a positive effect?

One benefit believed from wearing copper bracelets, is that the skin will absorb the copper and in this fashion copper will get into circulation very efficiently, even more than most dietary copper.

What the FDA has to say

As with many other alternative treatments, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t recognize the efficacy of magnetic bracelets, other than to warn against wearing them if you’re pregnant, or you have a pacemaker or another type of electrical implant that a magnet could compromise.

But at a time when the green movement underpins a resurgence of interest in alternative medicine, many patients are interested in trying out low-risk, alternative therapies on their own, in hopes of avoiding medical bills and unwanted side effects that come with some prescription drugs.

Benefits for Pharmacy Customers

By ordering Sabona magnetic bracelets wholesale from us, you can expand your pharmacy’s appeal to patients who are interested in therapies that don’t involve medical procedures or pharmaceuticals.

You can also benefit customers by ordering magnetic bracelets wholesale that feature critical information about the wearer, such as an chronic health conditions the person has, as well as any medications he or she takes for the conditions. For those who need medical ID bracelets, the potential health benefit of magnetic bracelets is a value-added product feature.

Order Magnetic Bracelets Wholesale

The health benefits of magnetic bracelets have been touted for thousands of years and some patients may want to test to see if it will help. A further bonus is to get a magnetic bracelet in the form of a medical ID bracelet. Our magnetic bracelets from Sabona help you serve these customers.

For more information about our magnetic bracelets, see our Sabona bracelets catalogue, call us at (800) 325-6137, or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!