Marijuana Blister Packs: What are the Advantages?

Legal distributors of marijuana can benefit from placing the raw product (i.e. the flower of the plant comprised of “buds”) in marijuana blister packs. Below are four reasons why.

  1. Easy Dosage Control

When using marijuana for medicinal purposes having the drug packaged in a blister pack can help ensure the medication is divided in to proper dosage for the patient. A blister pack can neatly organize and help regulate doses so that a patient can easily see if they have taken their dose and if it is nearing time to refill their prescription.

  1. Simple to Remove

Marijuana blister packs are similar to other medicinal blister packs in that they can make blister contents exceptionally simple to remove.  Ease of use will make customers more inclined to return to your dispensary.

  1. Crucial Information

Not all marijuana is made equal. Sativa strains often produce a sense of energy, indica strains often produce a feeling of mind and body relaxation, and hybrids are created using sativa and indica strains to provide the best of both worlds.

So, it would be a good idea to tell people about the biopsychological traits of the plant they’re about to consume. Other important information includes: THC percentage, how long effects take to manifest, how long a single dosage produces therapeutic results, tips for getting the best results (smoking, vaporizing, cooking), and recommendations for safe storage.  Marijuana blister packaging would provide ample space for necessary content labeling.

About Drug Package   

For over 135 years, Drug Package has stayed on the cutting edge of medicine packaging technology. Today, staying on the cutting edge involves creating the best way to package marijuana products. Roughly 30 states and the district of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana, with some states approving recreational use, as well. A market is being created around legal marijuana, and we’re here to provide packaging options to legal sellers.

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