Types of Medication Blister Cards that Benefit Medication Adherence

medication-blister-cardsThe Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council (HCPC) recently reported on an independent study that measured the effectiveness of medication blister cards for improving medication compliance among prescription takers. The study found that “Unit dose patient adherence packaging is associated with a 17-point increase in patient persistency to a drug over 12 months, as compared to conventional 30-count bottle packaging.”

The opportunity to improve medication adherence is one reason why Drug Package has provided pharmacies with innovative prescription packaging for over 133 years. Our current lineup of medication blister cards consists of cold seal blister cards, heat seal blister cards, and additional types of blister cards that are ideal for certain situations.

Cold Seal Blister Cards
Our cold seal blister cards come in one-piece, book fold cold seal cards that seal strongly due to pressure sensitive adhesive, require no heat or separate insert card, and meet class B packaging standards when sealed properly. You can also receive our cold seal cards as one-piece, tri-fold booklet style cards that are easy to slip in and out of medicine carts, feature an easy-to-use, resealable lift and closure tab, and meet class B packaging standards when sealed properly.

Also available in our line of cold seal blister cards are multi medicine homecare kits that are designed for patients who take multiple medications daily and controlled unit dose cards that feature color coding for improved dosing accountability and perforated sections that allow individual blisters to be removed from the sheet and transported more discreetly.

Heat Seal Blister Cards
Our heat seal blister cards consist of one-piece heat seal cards that come with the blister sheet already affixed, meaning the pharmacist need only fill, seal, and label the card; and two piece heat seal cards that emphasize economical, convenient, and secure packaging. With two piece cards, choose between blister counts that range between 7 blisters 62 blisters. All cards meet approved class B packaging standards when sealed properly.

Additional Blister Cards
Additional types of blister cards we offer are short cycle medication cards and personalized medication cards. The former are available in three blister sizes, with cold seal or heat seal technology, are sized for use with existing medication charts, and feature various color coding options. The latter are available with cold seal or heat seal technology, offered in one piece or two piece card design, come in blister counts that range between 28 and 62 (with multi-med options available, too), and let you personalize the card with your pharmacy name, logo, address, and other information.

Our short cycle medication blister cards that come with 7 or 14 blisters are ideal for conformance to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that requires dispensing cycles of 14 days or less for solid oral dosages or brand-name prescription meds that are dispensed in extended care facilities that house patients who have Medicare Part D.

Order Your Blister Cards Today
Numerous studies have shown a positive correlation between the use of medication blister cards and medication adherence. At Drug Package, we support the connection by offering cold seal blister cards, heat seal blister cards, short cycle medication cards, and personalized medication cards that offer a wide array of design options and conform to important packaging standards.

To order blister cards, simply visit our Place and Order page and secure your order online. You can also get what you need by calling us at (800) 325-6137. We look forward to helping your pharmacy support medication compliance by providing best in class medication blister cards.