3 Medication Compliance Issues Blister Cards May Help Manage

Each year, poor medication compliance is responsible for countless negative health outcomes that create millions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs, and result in preventable deaths. According to, “75% of adults are non-adherent in one or more ways… The economic impact of non-adherence is estimated to cost $100 billion annually.” In addition, “Studies have shown than non-compliance causes 125,000 deaths annually in the US.”

Lots of money has been put toward researching ways to solve medication compliance issues, but one effective method of improvement is highly affordable for hospitals and pharmacies: Blister cards, which can be used to address the medication compliance issues below.

  1. Reading Information

Patients with compromised eyesight may be unable to read the small text with which most prescription labels are printed. For these patients, receiving medication in the form of a blister card, with ample space for label dosage instructions can help increase compliance.

  1. Taking Multiple Doses

It’s hard enough to remember to take several pills once a day. Remembering to take several pills multiple times a day can be challenging even for people who don’t have memory impairment, and almost impossible for people who do. Medication blister packs can feature multiple blisters for a single day, and list the time of day when the medication in each blister should be taken.

  1. Missing Monthly Refills

Missed refills are another major cause of medication non-compliance. Sometimes, patients willfully avoid refills due to medication side effects or lack of insurance coverage. But there’s also a significant population of patients who simply forget to request refills. Having medication organized in daily doses can help create a routine,  and since blister packs lay out all the medicine in advance it is more obvious how much time is left before a prescription needs to be refilled. When a patient recognizes they only have a week’s worth of medication left, it should prompt them to order their refill. Notes can even be made on blister cards to remind a patient to refill on a particular date.

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