What Can Pharmacists do to Improve Medication Adherence?

pharmacistPhysicians are prescribers of medicine, but pharmacists are the gatekeepers of the medicine they prescribe. Consequently, pharmacists play a pivotal role in ensuring that patients receive needed prescriptions and take them as directed. One aspect of this role is packaging medication in a way that makes it easy to take as prescribed. There are several ways to do it, one of which is dispensing medicine in blister packs that separate pills into compartments.

The Benefits of Blister Packs
Blister packs are commonly used for patients who need additional assistance with taking their prescription on time and in the right amount, but anyone who takes medicine regularly can benefit from a blister pack. Blister packs allow patients to easily dispense medicine and will help anyone keep their medication organized. Everyone gets busy at some point in their lives with work, errands, family and even travel. Keeping up with medication is often even more critical during such busy times. Unlike medicine bottles, blister packs fit easily in a purse, suitcase, or pocket, making transport easier, and the great thing about a blister pack is you can tell immediately, just by the package whether or not you took your dose.

Pharmacies are always looking for ways to improve medication adherence for their patients and especially in cases where medication adherence is often lacking. For these populations and the pharmacist, blister packs can yield the following benefits.

  • Improved health outcomes for patients
  • Fewer patient questions for the pharmacist
  • At a glance, see when the last dose was taken
  • Easier medicine transport
  • Save room in the medicine cabinet

Does Your Pharmacy Participate?
The majority of your pharmacy’s customers probably don’t require medication packaging to improve medication adherence, but those that do can benefit greatly from receiving a customized approach to packaging medicine that helps them comply with prescribing guidelines. Offering blister packaging to these patients is a simple way to encourage them to comply.

If your pharmacy doesn’t participate in using blister packaging to improve medication adherence, now is the time to consider packaging in blister cards for patients who have exhibited difficulty complying. To receive information about our blister pack solutions, call us today at (800) 325-6137. To inquire about price, visit the Request A Quote page on our website.

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