Versi-Fill II: Automated Prescription Filling for Pharmacies

Versi-Fill II is an automated medication dispensing system that uses digital technology to improve the medication dispensing process for open door retail pharmacies and closed door pharmacies. Drug Package is proud to be a vendor for the Versi-Fill II system, because it supports our goal of improving medication dispensing to improve health outcomes. Below are four ways that Versi-Fill II benefits pharmacies by facilitating automated prescription filling.

  1. Improves Productivity

One of the first things you notice about using Versi-Fill II is how it dramatically improves productivity. After testing productivity margins, the manufacturer finds that Versi-Fill II can increase pharmacy technicians’ productivity by three times without requiring the pharmacy to implement additional medication dispensing strategies. Improved productivity helps pharmacies dispense meds to more patients than before and do so with improved workflow efficiency.

  1. Increases Versatility

Versi-Fill II has two main benefits when it comes to versatility: The system can be scaled up to accommodate 600 different medication canisters, and the system can fill 95 percent of multi dose medication packages that are currently for sale. In addition, the system offers excellent versatility for filling traditional prescription vials. Dram sizes the system fills are: 16, 20, 30, 40, and 60. With Versi-Fill II, almost no type of medication packaging is off limits.

  1. Enhances Patient Safety

Cutting edge, automated prescription filling like the kind Versi-Fill II offers enhances patient safety by eliminating human errors in medication dispensing process, such as miscounted pills, dispensing the wrong medication, dispensing the wrong medication strength, and simultaneously administering two or more medications that have a dangerous, synergistic effect.

  1. Helps Conserve Workspace

Compared to many automated prescription filling systems, Versi-Fill II has a small footprint that helps conserve workspace. The equipment boasts an exceptionally confined footprint (30” wide x 22” x 21” high) for a system that can be used to contain up to 600 medication canisters. Its small footprint makes the system an excellent choice for pharmacies that need to implement a high-capacity automated prescription filling system in a relatively small workspace.

Is Versi-Fill II Right for Your Needs?

Versi-Fill II from Pharmacy Automation Systems (PAS) is a cutting edge, automated prescription filling system that offers several notable benefits when compared to performing medication dispensing manually, particularly: improved productivity, increased versatility, and enhanced patient safety. The system also has a confined footprint that helps simplify installation in small spaces.

To learn more about Versi-Fill II, click here, or call us today at (800) 325-6137. You can also use the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you explore your options with this dynamic, automated prescription filling system.