Pharmacy Dispensing Labels for Meds: Essential Considerations

Whether they’re used in hospital settings or in the comfort of the patient’s home, pharmacy dispensing labels play an important role in medication adherence and health outcomes. That’s why it’s important for pharmacies to take a close look at the type of labels they need before placing an order.

Below, we look at four essential considerations for selecting pharmacy dispensing labels: label printing system, prescription containers, label adhesive, and patient populations.

  1. Printing System

The first step for providing high-quality labels is purchasing labels that match the label printing system you use. To ensure the integrity of your pharmacy dispensing labels, be sure to match your printing system with labels that are designed for it. Otherwise, both the labels and the printer could perform poorly, leading to wasted labels, avoidable printer maintenance, and lags in productivity.

  1. Prescription Containers

If you operate a retail pharmacy, chances are that you use different sizes of prescription vials to accommodate pill size and number of pills. You may also use blister packs or dispense liquid prescriptions in bottles of different sizes.

Regardless of what you dispense and how you dispense it, the labels you use should be properly sized for the containers, particularly for printing all the information the patient needs to know to take the medication safely.

  1. Label Adhesive

In most cases, retail pharmacies use labels that contain permanent adhesive for two reasons: There’s never a need to remove a label and place it on another medication receptacle, and the patient should always have access to information about the medicine he or she takes. Buying labels with quality adhesive that have an appropriate shelf life and still adhere properly should be a priority when shopping for labels.

Patient Populations

The type of patient populations served is also a chief consideration. For example, patients with vision problems may need labels with increased font size, or patients with arthritis in the hands may need foil backed blister packs for easy pill removal.

Simple measures such as these can have a major impact on medication adherence. Again, the key is to match the labeling application with the proper types of pharmacy dispensing labels.

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